“Coffee shops and cowrites while your neighbor is making headlines / Songs by day and songs by night, while you get used to gettin’ by / You learn this life is an improvise, ain’t no cutting on a dotted line / With your arms stretched out you’re walking blind hoping to trip on paradise” 

These lyrics from Will Solomon’s song “Telecasters & Taxidermy”, the third track from his 2016 debut album “The Pelican & the Herring”, are telling of the uncertainty and adventure Will has embarked on since setting course through the ever changing, uncharted waters of a career in music. Will’s story is one of letting go and trusting in that uncertainty.

After residing for six years in Nashville, TN, known by it’s nickname “The Music City”, Will courageously packed his things and left town to better pursue his craft. Will says, “I longed to fall back in love with music again, and for me that meant recalling it’s innocence and remembering my roots.”. Admitting to being exhausted and burnt out, Will, in a somewhat rebellious fashion, ditched the hopes of making the “right” connections or depending on a city to provide opportunities for success, and moved back to his childhood home of Lexington, KY, trusting that like a call to the wild he’d find peace and inspiration again by revisiting why he chose to pursue music in the first place. And that’s exactly what happened.

After returning home, Will immersed himself in the world of Bluegrass music; a staple to the Commonwealth of Kentucky, yet foreign to him and his classic rock upbringing. Learning old traditional fiddle tunes on his acoustic guitar began to resurrect his love for music. Will says, “It was the first time in a long time where I would just play for the fun of it. Nothing obstructed, just lovin’ music. I felt like I was seventeen again.”. This new musical exploration lead Will to frequent traditional music jam sessions, a.k.a. Pickin’ Parties, where he would eventually find several of the talented musician friends that would come to track on his debut album.

In May of 2016, Will independently released “The Pelican & the Herring”, a seven song, folk influenced record, filled with brutally honest songs of heartache, hope, and transition. It reached #9 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter charts and remained in the top 25 for a week. Since it’s release, Will has toured the country playing in front of sold out audiences. In March of 2017 he preforming across the MidWestern United States opening for renown duet “Johnnyswim” on their “Take the World Tour Part ii”, and Will’s most recent tour was in the Fall of 2017, a fifteen show tour with up and coming indie band “Ryvoli”.

Recently Will has been writing and refining new material for a sophomore project set to be released in 2018. Though the release date is to be determined he says this project will be heavily influenced by his recent marriage, spiritual awakenings, a love for 80’s music, and a desire to understand spirit and awakening within a work of art.